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Food & Drink Company of the Year

Engineering / Technology Company of the Year

Manufacturing Apprentice of the Year

Cameron Smith

Since joining Emergency One, Cameron Smith has made outstanding progress and showcased exemplary dedication, work ethic and talent. Currently in the third year of his apprenticeship, Cameron has picked up the work at hand with extraordinary speed, becoming competent in a range of different tasks, especially concerning electrical appliances. Cameron’s aptitude and willingness to learn have meant that he has already been able to work on the electric vehicle side of the business which is relatively new and extremely complex. Cameron’s level of competence and responsibility have also made it possible to trust him with travelling to America to help out with electrical appliance work being conducted with Rev Group.

Jakub Spiewak

A third-year craft apprentice at McMillan Coppersmiths and Fabricators, Jakub Spiewak has proven himself to be an extremely capable and invaluable member of the team. Due to his outstanding growth and passion for the work, Jakub has been trusted to work on major projects and become instrumental in the construction of copper distillation equipment for distillery expansion projects. Jakub has come to work on a range of projects during his time at McMillian, becoming an adaptable and confident apprentice with an outstanding will to succeed. Jakub is also a natural leader, leading job fairs and careers evenings at McMillan in an effort to inspire a new generation of coppersmiths.

Best New Product Award


Calcivis is a business that is working to revolutionise dental care by enabling true preventive dentistry. To this end, the business has created a tooth-imaging device designed to provide accurate, real-time visualisation of decay (caries) on a tooth. Uniquely the system incorporates a biologic imaging agent to detect ongoing demineralisation. For the first time dentists will be able to see whether caries are progressing or not, which is fundamental to deciding what type of action may be required. Providing this information to dental practitioners is a major aid to preventive treatment, improving communication and early decision making, making it possible to reverse damage early, and stopping teeth from reaching the point where they require fillings - preserving patients’ time, money and dental health.


Mealzo is an online food portal working to change the food delivery industry for the better. Unlike most major online food portals which charge commission for their services, Mealzo charges nothing but a weekly fee. In doing so, the business works to support hospitality businesses in the face of the significant challenges they are experiencing at the moment. The Mealzo platform makes it easy to manage orders and processes more than 500,000 orders a week from more than 7,000 partners. Mealzo’s way of doing business has helped it see significant success already. Since starting off in Scotland in 2021, the company has already expanded its services to cities across England.

Waire Health

Founded in 2018, Waire Health is a business that produces remote monitoring technology for use in hospitals and other healthcare organisations. The business’ C-Detect device is a wearable sensor that monitors a range of key physiological vital signs including respiration rate, body temperature, heart rate and more. The device also has fall detection capabilities, alongside a panic alarm. The C-Detect has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities built-in, and can still provide alerts without a network connection. Easy to wear and use, the C-Detect can monitor a patient’s health in an extremely efficient way, improving diagnosis, treatment and health outcomes in the process.

Life Sciences Company of the Year

Innovator of the Year

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